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SR525 / SR525HP (38hp/45hp) - Ride-On 5-Gang Reel Fairway Mower -

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SR525 / SR525HP
Ride-On 5-Gang Reel Fairway Mower with 38hp/45hp Shibaura Diesel engine

Cutting Unit Adjustment

Cutting Unit Adjustment

Description of SR525 / SR525HP

Shibaura’s innovative, lightweight Fairway Reel Mower ensures superior operational comfort.

It delivers a superior quality of cut for a beautiful finish with easy cutting height adjustment and bedknife set-up.

The 2 rear cutting reels rotate simplifying adjustments and changes to cutting height.

SR525/SR525HP also features 36hp and 45hp low emission Shibaura diesel engine with low noise and vibration levels for enhanced operator comfort.

We offer precision at the lightest weight, satisfying every requirement of golf course professionals.

Easy Maintenance

Diverter Valve

Cutting Height Adjustment

Operate Comfort

Simple and well organized instrument panel

Operate Comfort

Low Emission SHIBAURA Diesel Engine

Grass Collector


Features of SR525 / SR525HP

  • Compact, lightweight and low center of gravity design
  • 36HP 3 cylinder N843L Shibaura diesel engine / SR525
  • 45HP 4 cylinder N844L Shibaura diesel engine / SR525HP
  • Gear drive 4WD system
  • Backlapping feature
  • Individual Hydraulic Switch Valve to backlap the reel blade individually
  • Reel swing-out system of center reel
  • Fully open engine hood for easy maintenance and repair
  • Adjustable seat suspension
  • Reclining seat
  • Tilt and telescopic steering wheel
  • Wide-open visibility for easy operation and safety
  • Optional Accessories - Roof / Protective Net / Grass Collector / Scraper


Model SR525 SR525HP
Length (mm) 2700 2740
Width Mowing (mm) 2900 2870
Transport (mm) 2240 2190
Height (mm) 2040(include ROPS) 2010(include ROPS)
Wheele Base (mm) 1510 1600
Tread Width Front (mm) 1730
Rear (mm) 1045 1130
Ground Clearance (mm) 160
Tires Front (mm) 24x13.00-12 4PR
Rear (mm) 20x8.00-10 4PR 20x10.00-10 4PR
Weight (kg) 1300 1490
Model Shibaura N843L Shibaura N844L Diesel
Type Water-cooled, 4 cycle, diesel
Number of Cylinders 3 4
Displacement (cc) 1662 2216
Horsepower (kW(hp)/rpm) 27.9(38)/2850 33.6(45)/2700
Fuel tank Capacity (L) 41
Drive HST - 2WD/4WD
Steering Hydraulic power Steering
Travelling Range Forward (No. of Speed) 2
Reverse (No. of Speed) 2
Travelling Speed Forward (km/h) L: 0 - 10.0 H: 0 - 17.1
Reverse (km/h) L: 0 - 7.0 H: 0 - 11.9
Reel Mower
Total width of cut (mm) 2500
Reel Diameter (mm) 178
Number of real 9 Blade - standard (7/11blade -Optional) 9 (7/11blade -Optional)
Height of cut (mm) 7 - 32