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CM214 / CM314 / CM374 - Front Mower -

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CM214 / CM314 / CM374 Front Mower

Description of CM214 / CM314 / CM374

SHIBAURA CM series offer the comfort, convenience and easy operation that allows you to keep up with your mowing schedule without fatigue.

With the power and durability of SHIBAURA compact diesel engine capable of doing long hours of hard work.

The hydrostatic transmission has a low working speed for a precise control under heavy circumstances and a road speed for light mowing and transport.

The best warranty in the field for front mowers.
Horsepower: 21.5 / 30.0 / 36.0

Wide variety of Mower Decks to choose from.
48inch Height:25-115 Width:1220
60inch Height:38-115 Width:1520
72inch Height:38-115 Width:1830

CM214 CM214
CM314 CM314
CM374 CM374



  • Simple and easy-to-see instrument panel
  • Cruise-control devices (CM314 & CM374 only)
  • Tilt and telescope steering wheel (CM314 & CM374 only)
  • Deluxe seat with reclining feature (CM314 & CM374 only)
  • Flat floor and sufficient leg room
  • Low-noise and low-vibration


  • Two-post ROPS (rigid type for CM214 & foldable type for CM314/CM374)
  • Seat belt (standard type for CM214 & retractable type for CM314/CM374)
  • Parking brake
  • Warning alarm device to inform engine troubles (CM314 & CM374 only)
  • Auto engine stop feature to stop the engine automatically when you leave the driver's seat
  • Excellent weight and balance for maximum stability


  • Hydrostatic transmission to give you precise control over speed and direction (one range for CM214 & two range for CM314/CM374)
  • Auto/full time 4WD so you can drive/operate smoothly under any ground condition
  • Large fuel tank (50.5 litters) so you can keep working without refueling even for a sunrise to sunset operation (CM314 & CM374 only)
  • Optional remote valve kit for Grass Collector and other attachment (CM314 & CM374 only)


  • Dual air filter element
  • Flip-up mower deck with the drive shaft connected to the machine so you can quickly access to the deck and cutting blade
  • Gas damper which you can easily pull the driver's seat to access the space under the seat (CM314 & CM374 only)
  • One-piece full open hood designed for simple access to the engine


Model CM214 CM314 CM374
Model S773 N843 N843-L
Type Water-Cooled Diesel Engine
No. of Cylinder 3
Gross Horsepower [kW(hp)/rpm] 16.0(21.5)/2,700 22.4(30.0)/2,700 26.8(36.0)/2,700
Displacement [cc] 1,005 1,496 1,662
Fuel tank [L] 28 50.5
Alternatator [volt-amp] 12-20 12-40
Overall Length [mm] 2,130 2,415
Overall WIdth [mm] 1,000 1,310/1,370
Overall Height (W/ROPS) [mm] 1,875 1,415
Min. Ground Clearance [mm] 125 150
Wheelbase [mm] 1,050 1,250
Tread Width - Front [mm] 800 990/1050
Tread Width - Rear [mm] 830 995
Weight with ROPS [kg] 530 755 770
Tire Size - Front 20x10-4PR 24x13.0-12, 6PR
Tire Size - Rear 16x6.5-4R 20x8.00-10, 6PR
Type Belt Drive With Clutch
Shaft 25.4 Dia. Spline
Rated Speed (@Engine Speed) [rpm] 2,200 (@2,700rpm) 2,209 (@2,700rpm)
Type Live
Shaft 22.0 Dia. 6mm key way 20.0 Dia. 6mm key way
Rated Speed (@Engine Speed) [rpm] 2,200 (@2,700rpm) 2,700 (@2,700rpm)
Type Hydrostatic
Drive Auto 4WD or Full Time 4WD
Range Single 2-Range
Travelling Speed - Forward [km/h] 0-14.0 Low: 0-10.0 / High: 0-24.5
Travelling Speed - Reverse 0-8.0 Low/High: 60-70% Forward Speed
Speed Control 2 Pedals (Forward and Reverse)
Brake Wet Disc (Single Pedal Control)
Mower Lifting Hydraulic
Steering Hydraulic
Parking Brake with
Seatbelt with
Auto. Engine Stop Feature with
Safety Starting Switch with
Type 48 inch Side Discharge 60 inch Side Discharge 72 inch Side Discharge
Cutting Height [mm] 25-115 38-115
Cutting Width [mm] 1,220 1,520 1,830
Weight [kg] 120 175 204