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1. Applications in hospital

Applications in hospital

Medical equipment-----

1 Ozone air disinfector : OP-10
Infectious diseases, Clean rooms, Operating theaters, Disinfection chambers, Dialysis wards

Linen storage-----

2 Ozone linen disinfector cabinet : OR-5V
Disinfection chambers, Linen rooms

Endoscope Disinfection-----

3 Endoscope disinfector : OED-2000V
Endoscopy rooms

Deodorizing & disinfection equipment-----

4 & 5 Ozone air disinfector : eZ-100 / eZ-2000
- Hospitals
Pediatrics wards, Maternity & gynecology, Urology, Infectious diseases, Cardiology, ICU/CCU, NICU, Ophthalmology, Hospice wards, X-ray rooms, Elderly wards, Otorhinolaryngology, Surgical wards, Nurse stations
- Nursing homes
Rehabilitation rooms, Sanitary rooms, Staff rooms, Canteens, Day rooms, Family nursing rooms, Recreation rooms, Lounges

6 Ceiling-mouted deodorizing device controlled by wireless remote : eZ-7
- Hospitals
Patients' rooms, Examination rooms, Elderly wards, Waiting rooms, Restrooms, Corridors
- Nursing homes
Day rooms, Lobbies, Restrooms, Canteens, Lounges

7 Ozone UV air disinfector for vehicles: OUD-1
Ambulances, Care home vehicles

Ozone water generator-----

8 Ozone water generator : OW-40G

2. Installed facilities

Hospitals and clinics
Medical instrument manufacturing factories
Police and fire stations
Military bases
Pharmaceutical companies
Food processing factories and laboratories
Elderly care facilities
Cleaning companies
Veterinary hospitals
Animal laboratories and quarantine facilities
Universities, schools and baby-care centres