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GT161 Lawn & Garden Tractor

Description of GT161

Power and performance of GT161 SHIBAURA Lawn & Garden Tractor help you create your ideal yard.

You get more performance, more comfort, and more durability than any other Lawn & Garden tractor.

The GT161 is a powerful, quiet, efficient and reliable diesel grass mower with a power of 16 hp.

You can't get any tougher than our GT161.

Features like a Hydrostatic transmission, Cruise control, Power-assisted steering, 10 stage height adjustment, and more.

Mowing is easier than ever.

The GT161 diesel lawn and garden tractor is provided with a 1120mm & 1220 wide mower.

The mower has three blades and has no problems with accuracy or repeatability cutting all grass types.

Powered by SHIBAURA diesel engine model E673.

Horsepower: 16



  • Hydrostatic transmission allows you to easily change speed and direction with simple foot pedals.
  • Provided with a cruise control system, so that the user can lock the required speed.
  • Power steering system
  • Tilt handle & adjustable seat ramp for most comfortable position for mowing


  • Engines start only when the HST pedals are in the neutral, the mower clutch is disengaged, and brake pedal is pressed
  • Auto engine stop feature to stop the engine automatically when you leave the driver's seat without setting the parking brake
  • If the safety function is activated, electronic circuit will be disconnected to prevent further battery discharge


  • Easy mower operation with Hydraulic mower lift
  • Three blade mower cuts various grasses effectively and discharges debris smoothly.
  • 10 stage height adjustment from 25mm to 108mm
  • Option / snow blowers and blades


Model GT161
Driving System 2-Wheel Drive
Dimensions (mm)
Overall Length 1910
Overall Width 990
Overall Height 1210
Wheel base 1265
Tred (mm) Front 770
Tred (mm) Rear 666 or 713
Min. Ground Crearance (mm) 160
Weight (kg) 382
Model E673
Type Vertical, Water-Cooled 3 cylinder Diesel
Displacement (cm³) 676
Max. Output (kW / (ps) / rpm) 11 / (16) / 3200
Fuel Tank Capacity 16
Starting System Electric starting with cell starter
Battery 12V. 28 A.H
Front 16×6.50 - 8
Rear 2.3×10.50 - 12
PTO Clutch Belt Tension
Braking System Mechanical Disc
Transmission Hydrostatic
Steering Power Steering
Min. Turning Radius (mm) 810
Travel Speed Range Forward Range 1=0~6.6 km/h 2=0~12.8 km/h
Min. ~Max. Reverse Range 1=0~3.3 km/h 2=0~6.4 km/h
Rear PTO Option
Model / Weight MM44/83 kg or MM48/88 kg
Type Belt Tension
Cutting Width MM44:1120mm, MM48:1220mm
Number of Blades 3
Cutting Height 25mm - 108mm
Cutting Height Adjustment 13 stages
Fuel Gauge Attachment to all models
Seat Adjustment Easy Adjustment seat ramp
Seat Mount Spring